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Various Aspects of Garbage Disposal Repair

August 14, 2013 by  
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Plumbing servicesMost people are aware of the fact that garbage disposals are quite straightforward devices. These plumbing systems make use of motor system which circulates its blades under the sink for grinding up food particles and wastes. But, the concern is that as these appliances are used quite frequently within the house, they can get clogged or jammed quite easily. It is extremely vital to keep them up and running mainly because of the fact that, it is attached to kitchen sink, a highly used item within the house. While repairing garbage disposal following points need to be considered:

Repairing Garbage Disposal

These plumbing systems can face different types of problems within their working period. While some problems can be fixed easily, others require advanced training for fixing it. The choice depends upon the person however it is always recommended not to take unnecessary risks. Few of the common troubles encountered while fixing these systems include:


After flipping the switch of the garbage disposal plumbing system, if no humming sound appears then there is a possibility that overfilling has lead to overheating which has tripped it. The best way to see the problem is to have a look under it and search for the reset button (usually red in color). Even after turning on the switch if there nothing happens then, the circuit box should be searched for tripping of the breaker. This problem happens frequently in households and there is absolutely no need to hire expensive professional service as the problem can be easily solved at home.


When the plumbing unit produces humming sound but do not seem to work then there is high possibility that the unit is jammed. It is always recommended not to put the hand into the grinding chamber. Although, people often get the feeling that by reaching out with their hands the jam can be released but it should always be avoided. The best way to execute the task is to turn off the circuit breakers and remove bottom housing for dislodging the blockage from below. Although, the task is not that difficult but in case there is any doubt, a professional service can be hired for performing the task.

Ultimate Option

If any of these do not seem to be the problem then it can be some serious problem and buying a new unit might be the only option left. If the unit is covered within manufacturer’s warranty then it can be repaired otherwise buying a new unit is the best option. The garbage disposal plumbing units are not that expensive however installation also needs to be given a thought. A professional service can be hired to avoid any type of hassle or inconvenience while installing such units. It is always advised not to grind coffee grounds, fibrous foods, rubber, glass, bones, or eggshells inside the garbage disposal. Cold water should always be used and to prevent the system from getting jammed, drain strainers available in the market can be put to use.

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  1. Now a day many techniques are introduced for the disposal of garbage.

  2. James Davis says:

    Thanks for this blog and sharing that how to dispose garbage. The information you have given is really appreciable.

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