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Repairing a Copper Pipe Leak could be Easy

September 12, 2013 by  
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Plumbing-copper-pipe-WikipediaGenerally, majority of people use copper pipes as a plumbing material for running interior water lines. Leaks can occur any time in a copper pipe and people mostly make use of materials like repair clamps or repair couplings to fix pinhole leaks within the pipe. The repair clamps offer a temporary solution to the problem whereas repair couplings are considered as permanent solutions. Here are the ways through which one can fix pinhole leaks using these two materials.


Repair Clamp Instructions

  • The clamping screws of the repair clamp can be loosened and removed with the help of screwdriver by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • After that one should open it and position the interior of the clamp, the rubber pad, on top of the pinhole leak on the plumbing pipe. Then the clamp can be closed with the rubber pad covering the pinhole properly.
  • Once this done is done, it is necessary to insert the screw into the hole of the clamp and tighten it by turning it clockwise with the help of the screwdriver. The other screw can be inserted into the other hole but is necessary to make sure that the screw is not tightened too much. Then again the 1st screw should be tightened fully along with the 2nd screw. This type of tightening is done to make sure that the clamp fits evenly on the surface of the plumbing pipe.

Repair Coupling Instructions

  • The water supply to leaking pipe should be turned off and the faucet should be opened so as to drain the water from supply system. After that, one should get a pipe cutter and position it on top of the leak and tighten its jaws onto the plumbing pipe. A bucket should be placed below the cutter. The grip of the cutter should be tightened into the wall of the pipe.
  • The cutter should be rotated until the pipe is severed. The water needs to be allowed to drain to the bucket placed below. The cutter should again be positioned for a 2nd cut which helps with the removal of small portion from supply line. The chunk size should be accordance with the coupling manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Emery cloth can be rubbed at both ends of supply pipe along with interior of every open end of repair coupling. Impurities and greases should be removed until the copper shines are clean.
  • Flux should be applied on cleaned ends of supply plumbing pipes as well as repair coupling. After pulling one supply line from the other, slide the coupling and let the pipe get back to its previous position. The slide should be done in such a way that coupling should rest evenly over the 2 supply lines.
  • The flame of the plumbing torch should be directed against any of the joints located between repair coupling and the pipe. The solder should be dabbed against heated joint. Similarly, the opposite end should be joined in the same manner. Excess molten solder can be swiped with the help of wet rag.

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