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How to Replace Toilets

October 3, 2013 by  
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How-to-replace-a-toilet-homedepotToilet can make life heavenly or hellish for people. It is one of the most crucial equipment at home as its utility can be replaced by any other fixture. People often face issues with toilet fixture or plumbing. Guzzling water is one of the many issues that can strike without notification. Replacing the entire setup might be an economical option to consider in case of repeated failure in long-term repair.

Indeed, repair is the first and seemingly the best choice. However, if the first or a few attempts to resolve the issue fails, the chances of spending more money on repair than the cost of fitting new piece becomes high. So, it is better to keep tab on the number of times the repair has been required and the duration for which it sufficed for the issue as well as the amount spent on plumbing. Like many people attempt to repair damages by themselves, they can learn to replace the entire unit too. In fact, the overall cost in this case would be lesser than hiring professionals for the same job. Another advantage is that people get to learn a skill which may be useful to them later in life too. So, now everything boils down to plumbing techniques.

Measurement: The first requirement for the replacement of a toilet is careful measurement for the same.  The proper way to measure is to begin with the wall to which the toilet is attached and measuring right up to the centre of bolts at the bottom of the toilet. In cases of toilets that have four bolts, the middle of the bolts at the back is to be considered. Roughly, the measurement of a standard is 11 inches and 13 inches. However, if the rough measurement does not lie between 11 inches and 13 inches then the specific piece that fits into the acquired measurement has to be purchased as a regular toilet will not fit. Besides, the shape of the bowl has to be carefully thought about too; Look of the bathroom and movement inside it as well as sitting may seem awkward otherwise.

Plumbing Steps: 1. Water supply has to be switched off and the water supply from the toilet tank has to be disconnected.

2. Toilet tank should be emptied by flushing and removing the remaining water with the help of a cup or sponge.

3. The tank is to be unscrewed to separate it from the bowl.

4. First, bolt caps at the bottom of the tank have to be removed and then the nuts from closet bolt.

5. The bowl can be lifted by cutting the base caulking.

6. Residue should be cleaned.

Flange Repair: Broken flanges can be repaired only now. So, they should be keenly checked for any plumbing required.

Installation: Installation of the new toilet is simple. The same steps have to executed but in reverse order. However, a tip that could be handy is that the bolts of the new piece should never be over tightened as unscrewing them later may be difficult.

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