Saturday, December 5, 2020

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About Us

A Legacy Begins with Dedication!

In today’s market, people demand more service for less cost. What most are finding out is that you begin to compromise more than savings. Experience cannot be substituted with discounts. At Anthony Gennaro Plumbing Contractor, Inc., we are able to use our experience to be efficient, clean, and timely. As a result, we can offer competitive rates with a much greater output of satisfaction to our clients. Others in the business for 20 years are off to a good start, but our family tradition spans across 3 generations!

Meet the Family!

Some interesting facts:
 Anthony Gennaro
Oct. 6, 1905 – Aug. 31, 1977 Brooklyn, NY
1927: received his Master Plumber Certificate by the State of NY / established Gennaro Bros. Plumbing Co., Brooklyn, NY
1929: established Anthony Gennaro Plumbing Contractor, Inc., NY, NY
1945-1970: was Plumbing Inspector for New York City
1971: retired and moved to Tampa, FL


Anthony John

Anthony John Gennaro
Sept. 6, 1950 Queens, NY
1970: initiated into Plumbers Local Union No. 2 in New York City
1972: transferred into Local Union 624 in Tampa, FL
1975: passed exam and obtained Journeyman Plumbing License in Hillsborough County, FL
1980: passed exam and obtained Master Plumber Certificate License RF0039165 / established Anthony Gennaro Plumbing Contractor, Inc., Tampa, FL with wife Leslie

Anthony James

Anthony James

Anthony James Gennaro
June 5, 1977 Tampa, FL
2000: passed exam and obtained Certified Master Plumbers License at the age of 22, the youngest in the State of Florida! License CFC057626