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A few word about replacing water heater

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Most often people cannot be completely sure if water heater is on a fritz or has it burned out completely. Here are few ways in which the trouble can be sorted. Water heater is of two kinds- electric and gas. One can use the electrically operated water heater almost everywhere. However, a gas based water heater should be found only in homes that make use either of gas for such an as stove or furnace. Prior to buying water heater or repairing the previous one, the name plate of the unit currently in use, is to be checked. All the information that is important is listed here, such as serial and model number, working pressure, installation guidelines, insulation RValue, and tank capacity.

In almost all homes, water heaters are subject to a good amount of use. Depending on the service suggested by the manufacturer, the life span of standard water is between eight and twelve years. This, however, is subject to the kind of the weather, unit design, the kind of maintenance that has been done to the unit, and the installation quality. If water heater is above ten years old, irrespective of whether there are leaks at the tank’s base or not, it should be replaced. If there occurs either of the cases, it requires to be confirmed that the reason behind the failure of the unit is no blown up fuse or a tripped breaker.

The commonest of the problems associated with water heater is that it does not heat up water to the exact temperature the user desires. Such a condition can arise either when the heating substance is defective or when the thermostat is faulty. But there are certain basic things which should be followed in case when the heating is not to the desired level. When it is an electrically operated water heater, following points should be kept in mind:

  • Power should be connected and the thermostat should be reset.
  • The heater should be flushed for the removal of sediment from tank.
  • Insulated plumbing systems for hot water.
  • The thermostat or heating element should be replaced.
  • Raising the temperature while setting the thermostat on.

In case of a gas operated water heater, following points should be remembered:

  • It should be checked if gas is connected. Pilot light should be lit.
  • The heater should be flushed for removal of tank sediments.
  • Insulating the pipes for hot water.
  • Gas burner should be cleaned and the thermocoupler should be removed.
  • The temperature should be raised while setting the thermostat on.

In case a person is comfortable with tools, he should most likely consider replacing water heater on his own. The process of installation is quite straightforward for direct replacement. It is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. It should require placing the new heater just in the way in which the previous heater was placed. In case a person feels the replacement task difficult, it is better left on the professionals.


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    Thanks for this article. The format makes it really easy to read. I’ve been looking into gas water heater problems and what is fixable and this is helpful. Here’s another article that talks about the same things: Click Here


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